KingTowTruck 1150 rotator 1

Recovery trucks

At KingTowTrucks we know that recovery companies have to clear the road quickly, professionally and safely in the most diverse situations. In addition to professional recovery drivers, professional recovery vehicles are required. All-rounders that are reliable and enable fast and safe work. KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles answer that question. We build and supply recovery trucks in the light, medium and heavy class. Naturally, every KingTowTrucks recovery truck meets the highest quality requirements. Our recovery vehicles are also a spectacular sight on the road.

Master every situation with KingTow

Of course, every salvor has different wishes and preferences. The salvage jobs also differ per salvage company. For that reason, KingTowTrucks has various models of recovery vehicles, so that recovery companies anywhere in the world always find a recovery vehicle that suits their business. You will find platform trucks in the range, but also, for example, a recovery rotator truck. Due to the smart, lightweight construction, a one-man towing or salvage operation is possible in many cases. With our recovery vehicles you can master every situation!

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