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About KingTowTrucks

KingTowTrucks specializes in building powerful recovery vehicles. Thanks to our many years of experience with the recovery and towing of lorries, various types of lorry combinations, buses and coaches, we know what is important. To be able to work quickly and safely, it comes down to comfort, ease of use and lightweight equipment. With the recovery vehicles from KingTowTrucks, your recovery driver is guaranteed to work easier, more pleasantly and faster. KingTowTrucks takes the quality of heavy recovery and repatriation to the next level.

Rock-solid installations, proven long life

KingTowTrucks builds four standard models of recovery vehicles. For the chassis we work with all common brands. Do you want to be loyal to your local dealer? If desired, we can also build upon a supplied chassis. For the construction of the recovery vehicle, we choose recovery installations from Miller Industries. Without a doubt, this well-established, publicly traded US company delivers the best superstructures in the world. This has to do with the ingenious, innovative technology, but also with the choice for high-quality steel, which has a light own weight. These high-quality installations have a proven long lifespan.

Innovative choices

A characteristic of Miller Industries’ superstructure is the choice for a powertilt at the top of the installation. The advantage of this is that this installation is structurally much stronger than an installation with a powertilt at the bottom, as with many European models. An additional advantage is that it is possible to drive with a partially retracted fork, which means less wear and tear. The custom-made steel cabinets offer sufficient storage space for all kinds of tools. We equip these cabinets with a universal hanging system so that you can store your salvage equipment completely according to your own wishes.

Suitable for medium and heavy recovery

KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles are suitable for medium and heavy recovery, anywhere in the world. The range includes three models for the recovery of trucks and buses. In addition to the heavy duty models KingTow 6035 and KingTow 9055, we have the KingTow Rotator 1150. The latter model has a 360° rotating boom. The model, KingTow 311, is particularly suitable for the light duty recovery of passenger cars. KingTowTrucks strives to always have some new recovery vehicles in stock.

Work carried out by Dutch professionals

KingTowTrucks is a Dutch company. The recovery vehicles are sold throughout Europe from a modern company building in Goes. KingTowTrucks only employs professional mechanics. People who also carry out the recovery of vehicles in practice. They know how important it is to be able to work safely and quickly and understand better than anyone in which parts KingTowTrucks can offer added value. The combination of our experience in roadside recovery and the rock-solid techniques of Miller Industries is rewarded in every KingTow truck.

KingTow Century 1150 Rotator Branding
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