KingTowTrucks specializes in building and delivering recovery vehicles. The unique KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles are suitable for the middle class and heavy recovery. Practical experience, innovation, details and ease of use are central to the construction of our recovery vehicles.

Recovery vehicles

When recovering, towing or securing trucks and buses that have broken down or damaged, it comes down to working quickly and safely. KingTowTrucks is a Dutch company that uses its years of experience in recovery work to develop unique recovery vehicles for the average and heavy recovery. For that reason KingTowTrucks only works with the best construction and lifting installations.

Well qualified
KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles are an optimal match for the daily practice of recovery companies, wherever in the world. By using high-quality steel, KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles excel in quality, durability, light weight and ease of use.

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KingTow 1150 Rotator

The KingTow 1150 has a 50-ton rotator with a 10.5-meter arm that can rotate 360°, two 11-ton winches and three 23-ton winches. This makes the KingTow 1150 ideal for heavy recovery. Much attention has also been paid to a weight-saving design, so that sufficient ballast is placed [..]

Max. fork capacity retracted: 25.000 kg
Max. fork capacity extended: 8.000 kg
Max. boom capacity retracted: 35.800 kg
Max. boom capacity extended: 5.600 kg

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KingTow 9055

The KingTow 9055 is an integrated tow and recovery unit with a large capacity. The recovery vehicle is therefore perfect for heavy recovery work to tow a wide range of vehicles, from heavy concrete mixer trucks to electric coaches. The fork has an extension length of 406 cm for t [..]

Max. fork capacity retracted: 25.000 kg
Max. fork capacity extended: 8.000 kg
Max. boom capacity retracted: 44.000 kg
Max. boom capacity extended: 8.000 kg

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Special features of KingTowTrucks

Light and strong

By using high-quality steel, the construction of the KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles is lightweight and extremely strong. The big advantage of this is that these recovery vehicles have more payload on the rear axles.

Available with powertilt

KingTowTrucks recovery trucks are available with the powertilt at the top. This requires a smaller cylinder, which is lighter in weight. Due to this construction, when tilting with power from the ground, the rear of the lower wrecker boom is not pushed into the ground. In addition, you can drive closer to the object with the wrecker fork retracted, which means less wear and tear.

Trucks and buses

KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles are suitable for both the recovery and transport of trucks and buses.

Proven track record

KingTowTrucks recovery vehicles have a proven track record. For the construction of these recovery vehicles, we choose recovery installations from Miller Industries. The construction of our recovery vehicles has been further developed since 1990, so that there are no teething problems.

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